Advanced Mortgage Calculator

  • see the impact of rate changes on your payment and key leverage ratios
  • see the impact of different equity amounts on your payment and key leverage ratios
  • target specific lender leverage ratios such as LTV, DSCR or debt yield
  • get complete amortization tables

Excel Mortgage Comparator

  • compare the monthly, annual and total lifetime costs of various
  • supports both adjustable- and fixed-rate loans of various terms
  • Requires Microsoft Excel

Interest Rate Monitor

  • stay up-to-date on the 10-year Treasury rate, a key benchmark used with many different mortgage products

Prepayment Penalty Calculator

  • calculate the Yield Maintenance payment for any loan
  • retrieve the current Treasury benchmark rate for accurate calculations

Pocket Reference

  • print your own pocket reference for use wherever you go
  • quickly evaluate various pricing and leverage scenarios without using a calculator

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